How to Invite all Friends By Using Script

First of all open your Facebook page and then click on Invite all friends option and pop window will appear.

After that press F12 button on keyboard. Now console window box will appear.
Copy below code and paste them in console box.

var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton _1sm'); for(var i=0; i

After pasting code in console press button and invitation to like page will send successfully.

I hope you like this trick to invite all friends just by single to like your page or join event. Don't forget to share with others.

Run Multiple Accounts of whatsapp

World is getting very smart, So are we normally have only single whatsApp installed on our Android Phone. But now time to use multiple whatsapp account in only one android Mobile.
So, Lets go friends we are install 2 whatsApp on Same Android Phone.means you can use 2 whatsapp account on same android phone without switching between them. There are lots of tips & Tricks available internet for running multiple account of whatsApp on same android phone. But those tricks need android Root access now if you don’t know, what is android root access so firstly I want to introduce with android Root Access. 
 NOTE : In this case no need to root What is android rooting?Android rooting is the method of permitting users of Smartphone’s & tablets, and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to acquire the full control as well as authority in Android’s subsystem. Now the trick I’m going to tell you does not require root access and the trick is called OG whatsApp… if you do…

The Latest Version OGWhatsApp

What is The OG WhatsApp ?OG WhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp for Android that allows you to use 2 numbers of WhatsApp in one device (Without Root) and they works in one time .
NOTE: OG WhatsApp is available Only For Android WHAT'S NEW:- Based on the latest WhatsApp version 2.11.315  - Support ART runtime system (Tested on Android 4.4.2) OG WhatsApp v2.11.315  Features :- You can use 2 numbers in one device  - You can take a Backup of Data & restore it  - You can choose the app icon  - Copy contacts status  - Preview images without saving it locally  - Watch videos online without download (Open them on Video Players (such as MX Player)) - Messages statistics for groups  - And more 

How to Installation OG WhatsApp :1 - Take a backup for your messages (In case you want the messages)
2 - Clear WhatsApp data (or reinstall it)
3 - Rename /sdcard/WhatsApp folder to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp
4 - In OG version verify the old number, and in official version verify the new one

Download The Latest Vers…

How To Download Android APK Files Directly From Google Play?

Regularly, people get applications for their android system by downloading them from Google Play Store. The downloader gets the app installed for you, without bothering you with unnecessary details like the files required for installation etc. But what if you don’t have access to internet and you want an app installed on your phone? Confidently you can’t do so without downloading stuff required for the installation. The key to this problem is simple - just get the APK package of the desired applications, and keep it beforehand for later when you need.

It’s a package which contains all the files required for connection. In other words, it’s a ‘standalone’ installer for your app which doesn't require internet connectivity. You can get APK package of an android application from Google Play Store by simply adding an extension called ‘APK Downloader’ to your Google browser. Here we have a step by step procedure which will tell you how to add APK Downloader to your Google Chrome and su…

How To Download Facebook Private Profile Photo In Large Size

Sometime you want to see clear Profile Picture of somebody on Facebook who might not be your friend but his/her privacy setting stop you from doing this. In this lesson i will show you to view Facebook private or protected profile picture in big size with very simple trick.
 Open the Facebook profile of person whose profile picture is locked or is set to private.
 Right click on the profile picture and click on Copy Image URLas shown in image below.

Open that image in new tab by  right clicking and selecting Paste (CTRL + V)
Now change the value of image size highlighted below which might be s160x160 tos720x720 (If its not clear try (s320x320)
The image will enlarge in size. This trick does not always work.

Unlimited chips in teen patti

About game :  Teen Patti by Octro is a LIVE ONLINE card game that you play with REAL PLAYERS from all around the world. You can play any time and any where. Teen Patti is an exciting game. It is also known as Flash or Flush. Each Teen Patti table can have up to 5 players. Winning a hand depends upon the cards you get and moves that you play. Normally the player that has the best hand wins.
DownloadWorks on ALL version devices!Works on Android phones and tablets.Tested by many people. And a lot of creators of hacks.100% SAFE.Easy to use! Just click and wait few seconds.

5 Things to do when you are hit by a Facebook spam

These days there are two things that are spreading fast on facebook:
First is the spam containing inappropriate content.
Second is the photo people are sharing after they are hit by the spam( and putting all blame on hackers).

Recently one of my friends pointed out a strange thing happening with his account. He tried to delete the spam but in turn it started spreading through his profile even though he didn't click the spam link. Well its tough to tell why this is happening but his problem shifted my attention back to the spam codes where  found a buried script which was doing quiet a fun with the cookies. I didn't notice that script while I posted about the "This happens on live television spam". Later today my friends problem brought my attention to that script. Anyways I dont want this tutorial to turn too geeky so I will speak simple language.
Lets talk about 5 things that you can do to completely get rid of the spam in case you accidently( or knowingly) clicked it. …